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Get To Know: Thorne Nature Experience

Thorne Nature Experience offers a premiere Boulder camp experience that’s been enjoyed by over 275,000 kids and adults since their founding in 1954. They offer a broad range of camps for all ages of kids that aim to build earth stewardship through joyful, hands-on, place-based environmental education experiences that foster an emotional connection to nature.

We asked Stephanie Brudwick, the Administrative Director at Thorne, to share with us some of the questions that parents frequently ask when deciding where to send their kids to camp. Here’s what she had to say:

1. What do they do during the day?

Thorne Summer Camp is an outdoor, nature camp. Each camp is comprised of approximately 1/3rd of the camp curriculum, 1/3rd of free nature play, and 1/3rd of camp themes. The curriculum varies from camp to camp and may include learning and practicing survival skills, studying the health of a nearby creek or pond, or learning about camouflage as an animal adaptation. Free nature play engages the camper’s imagination and natural desires to explore the pond, search for bugs, or make fairy houses. And what fun is Camp without singing, playing games, and making friends! The distance that campers hike increases as campers age, but is group-defined depending on how far they want to go. The journey is the goal and not the destination.

2. Are you licensed and how long have you been running camp?

Thorne Nature Experience has been running Summer Camp since 1957 – more than 60 years! Thorne Summer Camp is licensed by the State of Colorado and strictly adheres to their standards for safety and quality.

3. Who are the instructors?

Thorne’s lead instructors are Director Qualified, meaning that they are at least 21 years-old, have a minimum of 400+ hours of direct experience in child care, have passed a background and fingerprint check, are certified in CPR, First Aid, Standard Precautions, and Medication Administration, have had multiple references checked, and participate in an annual training.

4. What are the ages/hours/tuition/locations/weeks/availability?

Thorne Summer Camp has Parent & Child Camps for 3-5 year-olds. These are 1-day, 2-hour camps that meet at the trail. These Experiences are offered in Boulder.
Drop-off Camp Experiences begin when the camper turns 5 years old (by October 15). This is a week-long Camp from 8:30a-2:30p Monday-Friday located in Boulder, Louisville, and Littleton. Drop-off camps are offered for campers up to 15 years old.
We still have a few spots left in select Camps. Check the Online Catalog for descriptions, tuition, and availability.

5. My child is shy – is this a good fit?

Yes! Campers with a variety of personalities attend Thorne Summer Camp. Campers who are shy tend to be the most shy on Monday morning at drop-off. If attending camp with a friend is not an option, the instructor will be sure to make each camper feel comfortable and have fun! Instructors begin each day with an opening activity to begin engagement and improve the experience of the camper. It’s a great recipe for making new friends and having fun at camp!

You can also find a list of Thorne Nature Experience camps on Campanizer here, and use the calendar to plan your kid’s summer schedule. And once you’re done, hit the Share button in Campanizer to share your calendar with your kids’ friends so they can enjoy Thorne camps together!

*All images courtesy Thorne Nature Experience.

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