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Seven Best Year-End Gifts for Boulder Teachers

There’s just a couple days left in the school year, so it’s time to say thanks to your child’s teachers for all of the hard work they’ve done this year. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some popular ways to show your appreciation:

Personal Cards & Letters

A thoughtful note sharing how the teacher has impacted your child’s life is a lovely way to thank them for their hard work. Visit Two Hands Paperie for lovely cards and stationery.

Gift Cards

One of the most-recommended and, according to many teachers, most-appreciated choice is a gift card. Amazon is a popular choice along with Target, Whole Foods and Starbucks (or other coffee shop).


Include a personal note inside the cover to make it extra-special! Swing by the Publisher’s Weekly 2018 Bookstore of the Year Boulder Book Store to find the perfect tome.

Self-Care Gift Certificates

Mani/pedi, massage and other gift certificates are popular choices. The St. Julien is a wonderful choice for a group gift. Bodywork Bistro and jlounge are also


No explanation required. (Best if you know they don’t abstain!) The pros at Hazel or Boulder Wine Merchant can help with your selection.


Consider local Boulder chocolates like Chocolove or Lift Chocolates.


Always appreciated! You may also want to keep in mind that some districts and schools have a gift policy. (At BVSD it’s a $25 limit.)

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