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Boulder-Area Camps for the Ninth Week of Summer: July 23 – 27 2018

Yoga? Tennis? Kayaking? On to be a kid again and have a chance to spend the summer at these awesome camps! Here’s a small selection, there are lots more camps for the ninth week of summer (July 23, 2018 – July 27, 2018) on Campanizer here. 

  • Kayaking Skills Camp with Avid4Adventure
    Ages 10 – 16
    July 23 – 27
    Our Kayaking Day Camp gets campers out on both flat-water and whitewater, experiencing the joy of paddling independently and working and as a team to hone their kayaking skills. Under the guidance of our able instructors, campers will learn basic strokes, rescue techniques, river reading and water safety as they navigate some of the most spectacular lakes and waterways in Colorado’s Front Range. Campers take on challenges tailored to their ability level, progressing as they build proficiency and comfort. We group them by grade—2nd – 4th graders join the Skills Camp, while 5th – 7th graders make up our Adventure Team—and give them plenty of individualized support as they develop confidence and deepen their technical skills, stroke by stroke. Kayaking Day Camp campers should have some previous experience paddling in standing or moving water. Although they’ll be wearing personal flotation devices (PFDs) at all times, they should be competent swimmers and feel comfortable momentarily submerged below water.
  • Survival Skills Camp with Avid4Adventure
    Ages 7 – 14
    July 23 – 27
    Our Survival Skills Day Camp introduces campers to the power and practical value of the natural world as they learn to survive and thrive outdoors. Alongside our accomplished instructors, campers spend a full week exploring Boulder’s Front Range, hiking, canoeing and learning essential survival skills—navigation, animal tracking, tool making, fire safety—to keep them safe and self-reliant in the wilderness. Campers tackle challenges suited to their age and skill level, advancing as their proficiency and comfort grow. We also group the kids by grade—2nd – 4th graders in Skills Camp, 5th – 7th graders on our Adventure Team—giving them the individual attention they need to deepen their survival skills and build confidence outdoors.
  • Mythbusting with CU Science Discovery
    Ages 9 – 11
    July 23 – 27
    This camp will introduce us to the scientific method through the development, creation and execution of various experiments. We will examine basic scientific principles of Aerospace, Physics, Chemistry, Neurobiology and Engineering. We will question why certain shapes are able to fly and others are not through constructing various paper flight crafts. Another myth we plan to test is whether it is possible to pull a tablecloth off a set table without breaking anything. Other myths include whether the angle of rain impacts the volume of rain accumulated, whether the shape of a structure correlates to strength, whether our senses get stronger when missing sight and whether or not egg drops really work. In discussing these experiments, scientific concepts will be taught before, during and after the experiments. We will also create our own experiment, thus learning about hypothesis, data collection and observation and conclusions.
  • Grossology with CU Science Discovery
    Ages 6 – 8
    July 23 – 27

    What better way to spend a week than creating the ickiest, grossest, and slimiest of body secretions in the classroom! We’ll concoct fake blood, gooey snot, vile vomit, and boogers on a stick, all while learning about why and how our bodies produce these gross but oh-so-important substances. This camp is hands-on fun that is sure to give you the heebie-jeebies. Come and get grossed out with us!
  • Eldorado Mountain Yoga Camp
    Ages 5 – 12
    July 23 – 27
    In our beautiful, natural setting at the Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram (just 10 minutes from Boulder) kids will enjoy a free-spirited yoga, crafts and nature camp that integrates the wonderful body/mind/heart benefits of yoga with traditional summer camp activities including music, theater, hiking, arts and crafts, swimming, and games.
  • Tennis at Dawson School
    Ages 7 – 14
    July 23 – 27
    Dawson tennis camps provide an exciting and challenging environment for all ages and levels of participants. The program incorporates an effective balance between stroke fundamentals, drills, competitive strategies, fun and games, and team spirit. Through structured practices, matches, and physical and mental conditioning, campers will learn the value of performing at their highest level. Campers will be grouped according to age and ability with a low student-to-coach ratio. All ages of advanced players will be grouped together. The morning session will consist of drills and court positioning tactics, with the afternoon devoted to match play (or a version of match play for younger, less experienced players). Both serve as a nice balance to acquiring and nurturing a passion and appreciation for the sport while developing the skills to last a lifetime.
  • Apex Parkour Summer Camp (Intermediate + Advanced)
    Ages 5 – 17
    July 23 – 27
    Tree Band+ Camp (must have tree band or above) Parkour was in every single one of us as a kid; jumping off swings, climbing trees, and hopping over cracks in the sidewalk. Parkour is a great way for youth to focus their energy into fun and functional movements. Training with us is fun and feels more like playing than exercising. Because of this, your kids will keep coming back for more, moving their body in challenging new ways, and gaining valuable strength and mobility needed to live a safe and healthy life.
  • Farm to Fork Cooking at Boulder JCC
    Ages 4 – 18
    July 23 – 27

    Learn to produce and cook using Milk and Honey Farm’s bounty. Campers work in the garden and prepare delicious dishes with fresh vegetables and herbs that grow at Milk and Honey Farm.

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