2020 Summer Camps – Boulder

Update 6/11/2020: Summer camp is underway! We’re updating campanizer.com with new camps every day. We now have Virtual camps and classes too. Click here to search the full list of over 1,000 Boulder and Denver camps + classes by age, date and more here.

Hurry up, some of Boulder’s most popular summer camps are already filling up! Here’s a list of camps by specialty. You can find full camps listings on campanizer.com and sort by age, date, price and more. (It’s free!) If you need a little guidance, check out our Definitive Guide to Planning A Successful Summer Camp Schedule.

General Day Camps:

Outdoor Adventure and Nature Camps:

Sports Camps:

Arts Camps:

Music Camps

Dance Camps

STEM Camps:

Overnight Camps:

We’ll keep updating this list throughout the camp registration season. If you have any questions about a camp, check out the profile on Campanizer where you can learn about each camp and find all the relevant details: dates, times, locations, pricing, age range and more. It’s easy to save the camps you are interested and build your summer camp schedule. And if you still have questions, let us know! We are the camp experts and would love to help in any way we can! You can find us on Facebook, or send an email to hello@campanizer.com!