Boulder Camps + Classes

Affordable Boulder-area Summer Camps

Maybe you’ve had this experience- you start adding all sorts of awesome summer camps to your Activity List and when you go back to finalize your child’s plans the sticker shock almost knocks you out. Camps. Are. Expensive! Here are some tips for finding summer activities for your kids that won’t completely bust your budget:

Apply for Scholarships

Yes, there are camps that offer scholarships! Reach out to the programs directly for more information and to apply.

Get the Most for Your Money

A few local faith communities offer half-day camps one week a summer that are priced well below the market rate.

Consider Drop In Day Camps

If you are looking for some occasional enrichment opportunities for your child but don’t need to cover full-time working hours, consider programs that allow daily drop-ins instead of a full week’s tuition. Here are some Boulder-area programs that allow kids to come for the day: