Boulder Area Events

Mother’s Day Events – Boulder, CO 2019

Mother’s Day is a busy weekend around Boulder (don’t forget about CU graduation!) so be sure to plan ahead and make reservations so you don’t get stuck out in the cold gorgeous spring sunshine! Warm hugs to all of the mothers celebrating, and hugs as well to anyone that finds the day difficult to celebrate.

Best Brunch Spots

If a delicious brunch is your favorite way to celebrate, you aren’t alone. Here are some of the Boulder restaurants to check out:

Fun Activities

There’s plenty to do around Boulder. Here are a few special events that mom might enjoy:

A Gift to Remember

Are you buying a gift for a mother you appreciate (good work!), or are you the mother tasked with coming up with her own gift (because “I don’t know what you want” or “you’re just so hard to buy for!”)? Either way, here are some fun gift experiences, because kids’ shouldn’t get to have all the fun this summer: