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7 Camps to Nurture Your ‘Gutsy Girl’s’ Sense of Adventure in Boulder

In early 2016, author Caroline Paul published an op-ed in the The New York Times called Why Do We Teach Girls It’s Cute To Be Scared? that went viral. I missed it the first time around (my daughter hadn’t been born yet) but I read it just recently.

“We must chuck the insidious language of fear (Be careful! That’s too scary!) and instead use the same terms we offer boys, of bravery and resilience. We need to embolden girls to master skills that at first appear difficult, even dangerous.”

If there’s a better place to raise a “gutsy girl” than Boulder, CO, I’d be surprised. This area is rich with amazing female role models from world-renown athletes to successful entrepreneurs, and the natural surrounds are full of opportunities for adventure.

“I want to gird girls with life lessons of bravery and resilience before puberty, before the real pressures kick in: to be liked at all costs, to look pretty, to be perfect.”

Here are some of the amazing camp programs in Boulder to help nurture your gutsy girl’s sense of adventure this summer:

  • Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls – Game On! has spent years devoted to inspiring GIRLS through its proven teaching methodology, fun programming and spirited traditions. Name a sport – we play it with the added benefit of playing multiple sports daily. We know that learning the right way and understanding the sport leads to increased confidence and the ability to enjoy.
  • Girl’s Adventure Camp at Avid4 Adventure – At Girls’ Adventure Camp, entering 8th and 9th graders dive into adventure sports and activities designed to spark personal growth, all set in the great outdoors. Over the course of five days in an encouraging, girls-only environment, you’ll master a range of outdoor skills, make new friends and discover all the amazing things you’re capable of. 
  • Women’s Wilderness – Women’s Wilderness shares the gifts of the wilderness with people of all colors, backgrounds, sizes, gender identities, and experience levels. Our specialty is helping girls and women become their strongest, best selves, while providing solid instruction in wilderness travel and outdoor skills.
  • Girls in STEM at CU Science Discovery – CU Science Discovery offers a variety of full-day summer camps for kids ages 5-13 including programs just for girls. These K-8 experiential STEM learning experiences are designed to inspire creativity and a thirst for knowledge, while creating lasting memories in a fun environment with like-minded friends.
  • Blockchain & Technology at Dream Tank – This entrepreneurial, action-packed accelerator offers the unique opportunity for kids and teens to creatively rise to their potential, follow their dreams and share their ideas to shape the future.
  • Girl’s Shred Adventure Team at Avid4 Adventure – Riders in Girls Shred Summer Camp experience a biking adventure like no other, tackling the trails, jumps and features of Boulder’s world-renowned Valmont Bike Park.
  • Girl’s Only Camps at iD Tech – iD Tech offers a selection of girl’s only camps where kids and teens of all skill levels discover coding, AI, machine learning, film, robotics, and game design, developing the in-demand skills needed to compete at top Boulder and Denver area companies like Google—and a host of innovative startups.