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Hey friends!

This week we launched some product updates that we think will make Campanizer a better product for busy parents like you. We’re excited to tell you about these new updates that will make Campanizer easier, faster and more useful!

What’s New

  • Saving Activities – Previously, you could Love and Save activities. In talking with users, we learned that ultimately it was hard to know when to Love or Save. Now there’s just one simple option. Anytime you like an activity, click the ♡ Save button. It’s a simple one-click Save, and every activity that you Save will be added to your Saved Activities list in your Dashboard.
  • Viewing Your Saved Activities – You can get to your dashboard by clicking Saved Activities in the top right menu bar. We’ve updated the view to make your Saved Activities larger and easier to see. They’re now located in the left side of your dashboard page listed in the order that you saved them from newest to oldest. If an activity you’ve saved has multiple sessions/dates you can click Select Dates to choose the session(s)/date(s) that you plan to attend. (Coming soon: Calendar view!)
  • Sharing Activities – We’ve also simplified the sharing process. While before you needed to choose a child’s name and session/date to share, now it’s a simple two-click process. From your Saved Activities list, click on Share With a Friend, enter their email address and click Send. We’ll send your friend an email with the details about the activity you shared.

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What’s Next

We’ve got a lot more on the way. We’re working to improve the notifications so that you’ll only see news and offers that are relevant to your interests and location. We’ll also be rolling out new ways to discover great activities in your area. (There’s more I want to say about this, but it will have to wait a little longer!) In the meantime, we want to hear what you think. Whatever you love/hate/wish for, send us an email –