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BVSD School Day Off Camps 2019/2020

Update 10/3/19: Updated listings for the next BVSD school day off (10/14/19 – District Professional Development Day).

It almost seems as if just when you are settled into the school routine, here comes a day off! As stressful as it can be to figure out how to entertain your child on a random Monday, no need to panic, because luckily you’ve got Campanizer on your side. Here is a list of camps that specially cater to the BVSD days off.

  • Boulder Indoor Soccer – If it be for only half the day, or your child wants to spend the full day on the field, Boulder Indoor Soccer has day off clinics so that your child can get specialized training on fundamentals, techniques, and tactics when it comes to playing at a competitive level. Future Ronaldo’s and Morgan’s in the making! [Ages 4 – 15 // $80 – $45]
  • Food Lab – With every day off your child will get to learn how to cook a new and delicious style of food from all over the world ranging from dumplings to tamales to mediterranean, just to name a few! Lets hope they’ll have leftovers for the whole family! [Ages 5+ // $75]
  • Frequent Flyers – As they say at Frequent Flyers, school day offs are a great time to fly and play while school is away. Your child will get to spend the day learning and enjoying multiple aerial apparatus’s and spend the day in the air. Good luck bringing them back down after they spend the day here! [Ages 8-17 // $70]
  • Impact Sports Performance – Whats better when they have nothing to do than to go play. Impact Sports offers a day full of activities from soccer, kickball, wiffleball, and dodgeball to new and fun games like capture the flag and take out the trash dodgeball. They will also get to relax a bit over some arts and crafts! Early bedtime for them after a day at Impact Sports! [Ages 4-11 // $59]
  • PoshSplat – Express your more artistic side! During camp your child will get to use acrylic paint and learn technique and color mixing all while having fun! [Ages 4-14 // $40]
  • Tinker Art Studio – Your child will get to create something new and use different techniques to bring all their imaginations to life. They will get to make sculptures out of different materials, paint, and create all kinds of cool pieces of art! Get ready to have to find where you can display them in your house! [Ages 5-12 // $38 – $53]
  • BMoCA – Let your child’s creativity flow! BMoCA Day Off Camps give them the ability to explore their minds and express themselves in an artistic and creative way. School may not be in session that day, but doesn’t mean their brains and creative juices have to have the day off too! By the end you’ll be able to have your own, at home, art museum to enjoy! [Ages 5-12 // $80]
  • Renaissance Adventures – We deeply value creativity, authenticity, responsible empowerment, and self-expression. What we have discovered is that a heart-centered live-action roleplaying game for kids can spontaneously create a strong community where kids get to truly experience what it is like to make important decisions, succeed as a “whole person” (overcoming physical, mental, and social challenges), and in the process have an incredibly fun time. [Ages 7-17 // $80]
  • ABC Kids Climbing– ABC School Holiday Camps are designed for beginner through intermediate climbers. Kids can develop a variety of skills and have a blast! Campers work on body awareness, footwork and route reading to develop efficiency and confidence in both bouldering and roped climbing.  [Ages 5-14 // $85]
  • East Boulder Rec Center & North Boulder Rec Center– Come join the fun on school days off! Campers will spend the day playing fun, engaging games, arts and crafts, swimming in our rec center pool, and much more!   [Ages 5-11 // $85]
  • Boulder Rock Club – Join us for a fun indoor rock climbing experience. Our expert instructors will teach basic safety skills, play rock climbing games, and more! [Ages 4-18 // $80]
  • Game On Sports 4 Girls[Ages 4-11 // $65]
  • Ninja Nanny at Rocky Mountain Kung Fu – Opening meditation, outside ninja training & imaginative play, quiet games & crafts + more. [Ages 4-12 // $45]
  • Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids – Parents, enjoy peace of mind during your child’s day off from school! Kids, enjoy a full day of theatrical activities which may include classes in music, acting, dance, makeup, improvisation, scene work, and rehearsal. Camps end in a final presentation for family and friends. [Ages 5-10 // $75]
  • Common Threads – Students enjoy relaxed, high-quality instruction to learn a new skill, beginners and non-beginner sewers welcome – everyone leaves with a finished project and creative satisfaction. [Ages 7-13 // $75]
  • Growing Gardens –  Enjoy a fun day off outside in the garden. [Ages 5-11 // $80]

To find even more camps and classes for your child that are not just on days off click here and explore!