Boulder Area Events

Parents’ Night Out at the Museum of Boulder

Last Friday we hosted another awesome Parents’ Night Out event at the Museum of Boulder featuring Game On Sports 4 Girls, Boulder Karate, Making Musicians in Boulder Valley and Mad About Hoops. If you’re wondering what one of these nights look like, here’s how it went.

We started out exploring the Pack It Up exhibit at the museum where the kids pretended to be campers, astronauts, settlers and more. Once everyone had arrived, we headed upstairs to get started with Maria from Game On Sports 4 Girls. She led the children in a series of relay races and other games that had the smallest to the largest children all working together and cheering each other on as they crawled, hopped and ran out all their big energy. I also learned that Toilet Tag is a real game – a variant of tag that had the kids darting and swirling around as the ‘Plumbers’ tried to tag them.

After that we headed up to the rooftop with a stunning view of the Flatirons to enjoy some pizza and fruit. Everyone finished up just as a few raindrops started to fall, so we went back inside for some fun beanbag tossing games and hula hoop activities with Mad About Hoops.

After that, Master Brad Randolph from Boulder Karate took all the kids through a series of exercises and instruction in kicks. The kids loved holding the pads for each other and figuring out how to balance and strike the pad with as much force as they could. By the end, every child had earned their own white belt to take home.

We ended the night with Stephanie Fairbanks from Making Musicians in Boulder Valley leading the group through some dances, singing stories and puppet shows. As 8 o’clock rolled around, everyone was starting to look tired but they still didn’t want to leave when their parents arrived. We look forward to hosting more events with Museum of Boulder. And, if your school would like to host a Parents’ Night Out fundraiser for your PTA/PTO – email We’d love to work together.