Kids in Colorado

Where To Go Sledding In Colorado

This October snow! I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I’m struggling to change gears from fall to winter so quickly. But, now that the storm has passed we have that beautiful Colorado combination- sparking snow and sunshine. It’s time for some outside fun. Here are some tips for sledding success and a list of places to go give it a try in the Boulder and Denver areas.

5 Tips for Sledding Success

  1. Dress in Layers – The weather can change quickly depending on the sun and wind, so be sure you have plenty of warm gear to keep you kids comfortable. If the sun’s out and all that hiking uphill makes them hot, you can always take some off.
  2. Pack Snacks – This is really a general tip for making anything with kids go smoothly – hungry kids are not happy kids, so pack simple snacks that are easy to chow with gloves on. Think granola bars, energy bites or similar things that will provide a quick energy boost.
  3. Talk Safety – Talk to your kids about the rules of sledding BEOFRE you’re standing outside in the cold and they are anxious to get started. And remember helmets! Sledding adventures that end in concussions are NOT fun.
  4. Quit While It’s Still Fun – Don’t wait until one or more kids are so tired or cold that they are melting down. Call it a day while everyone is still having fun, but starting to wind down.
  5. Apres Sledding Hot Cocoa or Cider – Once you head back inside, extend the adventure by talking over the fun with a warm treat while everyone warms up.

Boulder Sledding Areas

  • Scott Carpenter Park (Boulder)
  • Tantra Park (Boulder)
  • Wonderland Lake (Boulder) – For small children, near the playground
  • Casey Middle School (Boulder)
  • Foothills Community Park (Boulder)
  • South Boulder Rec Center (Boulder)
  • Chautauqua Park (Boulder)
  • Southern Hill Middle School (Boulder)
  • McKinley Park (Louisville)
  • Autumn Ash Park (Lafayette)
  • Beacon Hill (Lafayette)
  • Dry Creek Park (Longmont)
  • Niwot High School (Niwot) – For small children
  • Eldorado K-8 School (Superior)

Denver Area Sledding Areas

  • Ruby Hill Park (Denver)
  • Robinson Park (Denver)
  • Barnum Park (Denver) – For small children
  • George Wallace Park (Denver)
  • Jefferson Park (Denver) – For small children
  • Stapleton’s Central Park (Denver)
  • Sledding Hill Park (Littleton)

High Country Sledding Areas