Boulder Parents Guide

Local Boulder and Denver Gift Ideas

The Flatirons, Boulder CO, with a bit of snow

Buying local is awesome – you can support businesses in your community and you don’t have to wait for it to ship! Boulder has lots of amazing options for gifts this holiday season. Here are some of our favorite ideas for local gifts:

Food & Drink

Stores That Carry Local Products

  • Stores that carry a good selection of local made products include Art Mart, Bliss, Peppercorn, Lucky’s Market, McGuckin’s, and Rebecca’s Apothecary. In Denver, check out I Heart Denver Store, Artisan Center Denver, Talulah Jones, Made In Colorado, Caboodle Gifts and Wish Gifts Denver.

Did we miss any of your favorite local products? Let us know and we’ll update our list. We’d love to hear about them!

And don’t forget, experiences also make great gifts! You can find hundreds of different classes and camps to try everything from horseback riding to parkour on Campanizer!

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