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Introducing: Calendar View

Hey parents! We’re just introduced a new Calendar View to help make planning and managing your kids’ activities easier. Here’s how it works – when you’re looking at your Saved Activities, click the drop down and choose Calendar to switch to Calendar view.

An important note – in Calendar view, you will *only* see your Saved Activities that have a date/session selected. I’ll go into how to do that in just a moment. For now, let’s take a look at the calendar. The default view is Month, but you can also select Agenda or Daily views.

In Agenda view you’ll see a list of all of your upcoming activities.

To select a session for an activity, go the List View where you can see all of your Saved Activities. On each activity you can click Select Sessions and choose the date(s) you want. Once you’ve done this, the activity will show up in the Calendar view.

And, don’t forget how easy it is to share your schedule by clicking Share Activities.

When you click that button you’ll be able to copy/paste your own personalized link, or send it in an email. Users report that they use this to share their families schedule with their partner or nannies as well as sending it to other parents to coordinate summer schedules and carpools. The people you share it with will be able to switch between Calendar and List view just like you can, though they won’t be able to make any changes.