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Introducing: Questions & Answers

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that’s rolling out to all of the camps and classes listed on Campanizer – Questions & Answers. It’s a way to tap into the wisdom of the community of fellow parents to learn more and help you make decisions when choosing activities for your children.

These conversations are already happening every day in many disparate places – chatting with fellow parents at school, over text messages with friends and online in Facebook parents groups. Our goal is to put all of this information in one place where parents know they can go to get the additional information they need. Anyone can post a question – simply click Ask A Question on any activity or provider page and your question will be posted.

You’ll get an email when your question has been answered. Questions may be answered by the provider, or another parent on Campanizer. We encourage parents to answer each other questions and share your knowledge with your community. You may see new questions about activities you’ve saved in your Campanizer notifications. If you have something to add, simply click Answer this question under any question and type your response.

We hope this helps everyone learn more about all of the activities happening in their community and find the right fit for their family. If you have any questions or feedback, please email We love to hear from you!