Check out the updated Campanizer!

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Hey friends! This week we launched some product updates that we think will make Campanizer a better product for busy parents like you. We’re excited to tell you about these new updates that will make Campanizer easier, faster and more useful! What’s New Saving Activities – Previously, you could Love and Save activities. In talking… Read More

Back To School Traditions

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Oh yes, back to school time is around the corner! Let’s talk back-to-school traditions. Experts say that family traditions create a sense of rhythm to our lives that connects us to one another and to our past. How do you mark the end of summer + the beginning of a new academic year? I’ll start… Read More

How To Make Mom Friends

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The transition to motherhood presents plenty of challenges, and finding ‘mom friends’ to hang out with is certainly a tough one. Finally you’re ready and + motivated to get out of the house and talk to other adults, but maybe not in the same way you did pre-kids. If you’re looking for some new friends… Read More