Introducing: Calendar View

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Hey parents! We’re just introduced a new Calendar View to help make planning and managing your kids’ activities easier. Here’s how it works – when you’re looking at your Saved Activities, click the drop down and choose Calendar to switch to Calendar view. An important note – in Calendar view, you will *only* see your… Read More

The Best Colorado-area Overnight Summer Camps (and how to choose one)

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Overnight summer camps have been teaching, entertaining and challenging American children for generations. In fact, they hold such a place in our collective hearts that countless tv shows and movies have been made about it. (Here’s a few of my faves if you’re looking for something to watch this weekend: Parent Trap, Salute Your Shorts,… Read More

The Best Gifts are Experiences!

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My email inbox exploding with sales/coupons/ENDING SOON/can’t miss deals from every online retailed I’ve ever laid eyes on. Even the ones I’m pretty sure I unsubscribed from years ago… The holiday shopping craziness is definitely full swing. But our house is already exploding with toys + games, so this year I’m leaning toward more experience… Read More